East Coast Masons will be delighted to work on decorative planning including landscaping as well as alternative stone selections of your choice.

For more information and estimates, please contact Declan Twohig
240.606.5258 or email here to Request Information and Quotes.

East Coast Masons would be very pleased to visit your site and discuss potential projects. We provide estimates as a free service. During the consultation, we provide possible options for your consideration. Such projects are very significant efforts and deserve the careful planning that we provide.

Note that we provide a three year warranty on walkways and five year warranties on retaining walls and driveways. You will be delighted to know that we also provide landscaping services to complete your project. Just let us know the details that you wish to have that will make the project distinctly yours.

Please contact Mr. Declan Twohig for all questions relating to East Coast Masons estimates. He may be reached at 240.606.5258

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